Know Our History

In the bustling alleys of the Lavapiés neighborhood in Madrid, a dream rooted in the traditions and legends of Spain was born: El Gato de Lavapiés. Inspired by the nickname of this important soldier who achieved the reconquest of Madrid, we immersed ourselves in the adventure of sharing authenticity and Spanish flavor with the world.

The name "El Gato de Lavapiés" evokes our determination to persevere and thrive, even in the most difficult times. Just as we see those who come to the city to work like cats fighting for their families in the streets of Lavapiés, we strive to build a gastronomic legacy that lasts.

The heart of El Gato de Lavapiés beats to the rhythm of Spain's culinary history. Our founder and chef, Jorge Masó, feeds his passion for cooking from his roots in Puerto Rico to the kitchens of Madrid. After completing his training at the San Juan Hotel School, Jorge perfected his art in renowned restaurants in the Spanish capital, La Retirada and Raimunda.

But it was in 2017, after Hurricane María, when Jorge and his family decided to return to their homeland in Madrid. This return to his roots sparked a fervent mission in Jorge: to bring the essence and flavor of authentic Spanish cuisine back to Puerto Rico.

With each culinary experience, Jorge fuses Spain's gastronomic heritage with his own creativity and passion. From his work in renowned establishments as part of Grupo La Fábrica and Grupo Lalala, to his kitchen direction at The Sand and The Sea in Cayey, Jorge has forged a path of culinary excellence.

And so, in the midst of the pandemic, Masó Chardon, LLC was born, the beginning of a dream shared between Jorge and his wife, Mia Chardon. More than a business, El Gato de Lavapiés is a tribute to the richness of Spanish gastronomic culture and a reflection of the indomitable spirit of those who created it.

Through services such as catering, directed dinners and the sale of artisanal products, El Gato de Lavapiés invites its diners to embark on a journey of flavors and sensations, where each bite tells a story of tradition, innovation and passion. Welcome to our table, where each dish is an ode to authenticity and delight of the senses!

Embark on a Unique Spanish Gastronomic Experience in Puerto Rico!

Dear friends and lovers of good food! I invite you to join me on an unparalleled culinary journey, where flavor, tradition and joy are intertwined in an unforgettable experience. At El Gato de Lavapiés, a feast of Spanish authenticity awaits you, from our rice dishes to our delicious tapas and artisanal desserts.

Gather your group of family, friends or colleagues and let yourself be carried away by the magic of Spanish cuisine, here in Puerto Rico. Book now and get ready to taste the passion and charm of Spain in every bite. I'm waiting for you with open arms and a lit stove!